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Our history

Our business as exhibitors began in 1928 with the Osteria ai Colpi managed by Fait Guglielmo and Fortunata Fontana (the grandparents), together with Fait Nerina (mother) still a child. He then continued with Luigi and Emma (my sister). And from 1978 to today I with my wife Bruna and children Lara and Remo.

Our paternal family originates from the Celtic area of Scotland-Wales. For several generations it has been dedicated to the working of stone and marble in these areas; lastly, my father, who was the creator of the stone base of our hotel, which dates back to 1952. On the maternal side, however, the origins are Germanic, an area of Saxony, and boast a family-like hotel tradition in these places that has lasted for more than one hundred years.

Even today we are committed to satisfying all our regular and new guests, who choose to spend their summer and winter holidays on the Folgaria Plateau.

Fam. Prosser